Sunday, January 6, 2013

Earn Free Gift Cards With Your Phone

What would make shopping for an item that is on sale or on a discount better? How about getting that item for free by using gift cards to pay for it. Did you know there are free websites and even free apps that make this possible. 


Viggle is a free app that rewards you for watching your favorite TV shows, movies, and videos. When you are watching a show or movie let Viggle know and you get rewarded with points used to get prizes and gift cards. It's just that easy to get a free ticket to the movies, free gift card to eat out or shop just for watching TV. Sign up here for free

This is a free to sign up site that gives you Swagbucks just for searching the web. Turn your easy to earn Swagbucks in at any time for prizes or gift cards. This is a great site to earn free Amazon gift cards Sign up here for free

How would you like to earn gift cards by just walking into a store with ShopKick you do just that. Not only do you get rewarded for walking into the store you also get rewarded when you make a purchase or just by scanning an item with your phone.

Plink is a little different in the way you earn your gift cards because you earn them when you eat out or go to the movies. Still very easy and quick to earn points. 
Sign up here for free

Ibotta is also a free app but you earn cash instead of gift cards. With this app you get rewarded when you buy an item at a store. With this app you can get items for free or really cheap. 

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